"I have been working with Jon for over a year and a half.  I came to him with a history of chronic pain for many years.  Although I had been active most of my life, I did not realize that I was not "functional".  Jon worked slowly with me to find the areas of functional weakness, and discovered tight areas that were severely compromising my core structure and movement patterns.  In the year and a half, I have been able to significantly cut down my other medical treatments including harmful cortisone injectinos.  I have developed a sound core and a dynamic functionality that I did not know that I could achieve.  I have more to achieve and the training is "work".  However, I am grateful to have found such a talented and caring trainer." - D.D.

"After I injured my knee playing tennis, Jon was able to quickly help me build the muscle surrounding the injury, by creating a comprehensive program.  Not only has the program improved my leg strength, he also established exercises that have built the rest of my body to the point where my friends ask me what I am doing to look so different." - D.H.

"My experience with Jon is extraordinary!  I had a stroke six years ago and I saw a different physical therapist every year.  They taught me different exercises, and I noticed some improvements with my gait, but it was not where I would like it to be.  After seeing five different PT's I am excited to find Jon!  He is a physical trainer, and his background as a physical therapist assistant is shining through.  He is patient, but tough.  His detailed-oriented traits allow him to make up an exercise workout for every session, but if he saw something isn't right, he will immediately change it.  Jon mixes up the exercises each session, and I am not bored.  Every time he checks to see I am doing it right.  If I can't do an exercise, he will help me do it right.  If the weights are too easy, he increases the difficulty.  My fitness program is making me stronger, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!" - B.H.

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